Born in Madrid in the 90’s, Raul Alvarez is a sound engineer
involved in different projects in the last years such:
Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung, Catalyst (Institute For Creative Arts & Technology)
MONOM, 4DSOUND, Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, ResistDance, Analog Defense Network, 2RB Records and many more….

Under different aliases; he has an extended catalog
of several releases on diverse international labels such
Ben Sims platform Symbolism, ARTS, Toolroom, Devotion, Elektrotribe or Fallen Metropolis.

He worked for artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, DVS1, Richie Hawtin or Aphex Twin
but his sound is influenced by the first steps of electronic music
and developed with an alchemist soul,
evolving from an old school background
to an experimental and futuristic approach.